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Next-Gen Gamification for Deep Engagement & Collaboration

Game Features

Role Play

With role-play, learners assume different characters and act out scenarios, typically without scripts. These spontaneous scenarios can be situated in reality or the ones they are unfamiliar with. Learners must use creativity and critical thinking to further get “into” their role


A simulation is a form of role play but is more structured. Simulation scenarios are much more complex and more situated in real life. Learners may assume other characters or play themselves. Additionally, there might be more formal “game rules” to follow and fewer decisions to make.


Problem-solving skills are one of the most distinct cognitive activities that learners practice using our platform. 

Micro Lessons

Micro lessons are bite-sized modules that focus only on key elements or messages of a learning topic. Unlike traditional modules that take hours to complete, micro lessons are designed for self-paced learning that can be completed within five to ten minutes.

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