Web3 Academy
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Web3 is defined both by technology and philosophy. The technology involves a decentralized internet that is powered by blockchains. It has an enormous range of use cases–most of them not implemented yet–including  cryptocurrenciesDeFi and NFTs.


Unlike the early internet (static content) and Web2.0 (user-generated content), both of which were owned and managed by singular entities, the ownership and management of Web3 data and platforms is distributed. This ‘powered by the people’ attribute of Web3 makes it not just a technology, but also a social movement. 

As technology continues to evolve by leaps and bounds, we owe it to our Gen Z & Gen Alpha to prepare them to thrive in the future. According to experts, more than 2.5 million Alphas are born every week worldwide. By 2025, it is estimated that this new generation could be more than 2 billion people. The majority of the workforce will be made up by Gen Z & Gen Alpha.


What can we do to prepare? We can start be learning the workforce economy will transform from centralized to decentralized.


One incarnation of Web3 philosophy is found in DAOs–Distributed, Autonomous Organizations. In DAOs, work, decision-making and financial transactions are decentralized and community-led. This model has led to a new freelance economy of sorts, where people can do work that they choose to do for multiple DAOs, and receive multiple sources of income on their terms.

We are passionate about educating this generation and their parents about Web3, as the future of work will be in the hands of our children.

Top fortune 500 companies are worried about the fast pace changes in technology education, to address this we are investing in our kids. 

By joining our kid's DAO, the kids will not only have hands-on experience with all Web 3 tools; but they will be ready to educate, empower, and inspire leaders to leverage exponential technologies to solve humanity's grand challenges.

LESSON 1 - Web 3.0 Explained
LESSON 2 - DAO Explained
LESSON 3 - Blockchain Explained
LESSON 4 - Smart contracts
LESSON 5 - Cryptocurrency Explained
LESSON 6 - Working Groups Explained
LESSON 7 - DAO'S IDS Meeting Explained
LESSON 8 - Bounties Explained
LESSON 9 - Top down & Bottom up Approach Explained
LESSON 10 - NFT Explained