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The Future of Philanthropy Lies In Decentralization
Through Web 3.0 Education & Mentorship









We share the same vision. Our company's vision is to create a community-driven platform to help children with limited resources reimagine their lives with new children-centric directions. We support their journey by introducing innovative technologies such as Web3 education.


To coordinate gaming & education communities by learning, playing, and earning.


We share the same values- we are compassionate, we are mindful, we voice our authentic selves, we listen, we give.


Every member has an equal vote. We make decisions through our small working groups, set proposals and vote on our outcome.


Community members earn tokens from contributing to the DAO. The concept is “the more you learn, the more you earn” and  “the more you give "hugs", the more you earn.”

What is Web 3?

Web3 is defined both by technology and philosophy. The technology involves a decentralized internet that is powered by blockchains.

The ownership and management of Web3 data and platforms is distributed. This ‘powered by the people’ attribute of Web3 makes it not just a technology, but also a social movement. 

“At Metahug, we believe that the future of philanthropy lies in decentralization through Web3 education and mentorship. But proper education on its use and benefits is difficult for many Gen Z and Gen Alphas – those who are set to be most affected by it – to achieve. By joining our DAO, not only do we provide children with hands-on experience with Web3 tools, but we are also providing them with everything necessary to educate, empower, and inspire themselves and others to be leaders of tomorrow and solve humanity’s grand challenges.” 

Lian Pham - Co-Founder

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